Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities – Play Finds A Way Program

Young boy dressed as a referee in his wheelchair

Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities have two programs that can help you and your family with the cost of Easter Seals Ontario Camp or sports and activities in your community.

The Play Finds A Way program aims to reduce barriers and promote full participation in community activity, sports or summer camps by providing up to $300 for the cost of recreation, as well as funding for adaptive sports equipment. This new program builds on the well-established Jumpstart program for low-income families and contributes additional supports for children and youth with disabilities.

Families can sign-up for Jumpstart through their online application process. Eligible families will receive the funds from their local community chapter. Families have the opportunity to apply multiple times per year for a maximum of $300 per program, and $600 every year. Funding can assist with registration in camps, such as Easter Seals Ontario accessible camps, local swim programs, sports teams, and other programs that promote a healthy active lifestyle. Kids, age 4 to 18 from families in financial need, can receive funding to help with registration fees, equipment and transportation.

To apply for Jumpstart funds, learn more about the application process at