Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities – Play Finds A Way

In September 2017, Canadian Tire Jumpstart Charities announced their new “Play Finds A Way” program to support children with disabilities to live active healthy lives. Funds from this program could help you with the cost of Easter Seals Ontario Camp or to join sports and activities in your community.

Play Finds A Way program is aimed at reducing barriers to participation in community activity and sports, programs or summer camps by providing up to $300 for the cost of programs, as well as funding for adaptive sports equipment. This new program builds on the well established Jumpstart program for low income families and provides additional supports for children and youth with disabilities.

Families can apply to Jumpstart through the on-line application process and eligible families will receive money from the local community Chapter. Families can apply multiple times per year for a maximum of $300 per program, and $600 every year. The funding can be used for registration in local swim programs, sports teams, camps, and other programs that promote a health active lifestyle. Kids aged 4 to 18 from families in financial need can receive funding to help with registration fees, equipment and/or transportation. To apply for Jumpstart funds, check out the application process here at:

Jumpstart funds for Community Projects

Many families of children and youth with physical disabilities are engaged in community planning for improved accessibilility, including projects to raise funding for para-sport equipment, community programs or for accessible playgrounds. Jumpstart Charities Accessibility Grants may be able to help with your community project. For more information about the application process for Accessibility Grants, check the website at:

“Play Finds A Way” program includes funding for registered charities to get financial support through:

  • Parasport Jumpstart Fund
    • Paralympic funding for single sports in the Paralympic Sport program.
    • Parasport Funding: Provides support for sports that are not in the Paralympic program, like wheel dance, waterski, wakeboard, para golf, para sailing, and more.
    • Multi-sport Funding: Provides support to both Paralympic and non-Paralympic sports.

Jumpstart Community Accessibility Grants – The Jumpstart Community Accessibility Grants support capital costs of construction and renovations related to improving physical accessibility to recreation facilities in Canadian communities. There are two funding opportunities available to improve these facilities:

Accessibility Funding: Provides up to $50,000 for projects designed to adapt and enhance existing facilities to promote accessibility

Inclusivity Innovation Funding: Provides between $250,000 and $1,000,000 for projects designed to enhance existing building plans for sport and recreation spaces with uniquely innovative solutions for inclusion and accessibility for children of different abilities.

Jumpstart Inclusive Playground Project

Jumpstart’s vision is to create large-scale, accessible playgrounds in every province and territory across Canada. Leveraging universal design principals, Jumpstart’s goal (mission) is to ensure that these playgrounds become the standard for inclusivity by creating imaginative and accessible spaces where children of all abilities can share in the magic of play. Jumpstart has always been committed to supporting local communities and it is our hope that these playgrounds will become a destination – a gathering place – for communities to unite around play.

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