Information for Parents

Children and youth attend school for 10 months a year for at least 13 years. It is their most important activity. I hear from parents frequently that it is also one of the greatest causes of stress for them, and sometimes the child. Parents of children with physical disabilities frequently have to manage multiple service providers and be knowledgeable about the health care, social services and education systems.

Special education programs and services to support students with special education needs have evolved over the past 36 years in response to legislation, research and changing parental expectations. The Education Act and related regulations, policies, memorandums and resource guides create the legal framework for special education. Research influences teaching practice and has helped to improve understanding about the needs of students with special needs and how to support those needs. Parental expectations have changed from having children with special needs in the same schools as their peers, to expectations about achievement in preparation for college, university and employment.

On this website you will find tips and strategies for parents related to:

• Special Education
• Special Education Advisory Committees
• Starting School
• High School
• Supporting Success
• Leaving School