Research Surveys for Families of Children and Youth with Cerebral Palsy

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Easter Seals Ontario is not involved in these two studies and is sharing the information as participation may be of interest to families. Please note that the Liberi Games Survey is led by Canadian researchers, while the CRE-CP Survey is being led by Researchers at the Australian Catholic University.

Liberi Games Survey: Call for Participation

To address physical activity and social engagement needs of children with cerebral palsy (CP), Nick Graham (Computer Scientist, Queen’s University) and Darcy Fehlings (Neurologist, University of Toronto) have developed exercise-based video games. The aim is to make exercise fun for kids to stimulate physical activity and to enhance their socialization by playing these games online with their peers. Liberi has created an online survey (15 min) for parents of children with CP to help them understand how to bring these games to the public and how to better address the children’s needs. Access the survey.

CRE-CP Survey on visual abilities in children with cerebral palsy

The survey on visual abilities in children with cerebral palsy’ forms one step in a CRE-CP research project to develop and test a new way to assess visual abilities of children with CP.

Researchers are currently using an online survey to ask parents and caregivers of children with CP, or infants at high risk of CP (including any type of CP and visual abilities); adults with CP; and professionals who work with children with CP and their families about visual abilities.

Learn more or view the survey.

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